Dream Workshops with Tristy Taylor

“I cannot say enough about Trismegista Taylor and the healing power of her practice! If you’ve ever been interested in exploring your dreams and connection to self, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for.” ~ Kellie Mae

“Tristy is an incredible teacher with a remarkable depth of expertise drawn from psychoanalysis, philosophy, cultural studies, art history, and her own fascinating artwork. When working with her students, she has a delightful exuberance and a seemingly limitless well of kindness and empathy. Tristy’s class helped me collaborate with my dreams to better understand my waking life, process unresolved grief, and enrich my creative practice.”

– Virgil Wong, Artist and Digital Technologist

Morbid Anatomy Academy Classes in 2023

I am very happy to be teaching for the wonderful Morbid Academy in 2023, including classes about Dream Art, Lucid Dreaming, Trickster & Shadow Work, and my very popular class on Dreams and Death.

All the details are below, and you can sign up for any and all of these classes by visiting Morbid Anatomy Academy. At $125/$100, these classes are a real bargain!

PLEASE NOTE: If you cannot attend these classes live, that’s okay! All classes are recorded and will be shared with students within 24 hours of class time. You will also have access to the archived classes for as long as you like.

Harness the Creativity of Your Dreams Through Art Making: A Three-Week Online Course

Saturdays, March 11, 18, and 25, 2023
11am to 1pm Pacific / 2 to 4pm Eastern /  8 to 10 pm European

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Our dreams are a treasure trove of information, guidance and insight that we are gifted with every single night. Everybody dreams (whether you remember your dreams or not!) and the imagery, feelings, and stories our dreams show us can be harnessed in our waking lives for healing, guidance and transformation.

Creativity and art making is one of the tools that can quickly bypass our linear mind and open up vast fields of inspiration, intuition, and new insights from our dream world.

There is a long history of artists taking inspiration from their dreams. From the pre-Raphaelites, to the Impressionists, to the “Manifesto of Surrealism,” artists have been weaving together their dreams and reality. Salvador Dalί In his 1948 book 50 Secrets of Magic Craftsmanship, explained in detail how he used sleep and dreaming to invigorate his work. Modern poets, painters, sculptors, musicians, and film-makers have also spoken of the value of dreams for their artistic inspiration. Even those who are not seen as “creative,” like famed dream analyst Carl Jung, created vibrant, colorful drawings and paintings in their dream journals.

In this class, educator, dream worker, artist, and interfaith minister Tristy Taylor — daughter of renowned dream worker Jeremy Taylor, co-founder of the International Association for the Study of Dreams — will provide powerful and accessible tools you can use right now to start (or enrich!) a creative dream art practice. Together, you will begin to understand your own personal dream archetypes, and learn how to make art in waking life that your dream life will respond to, thus creating a living creative conversation with your unconscious realms.

Whether you are a professional artist, a dabbler in creative pursuits, or fear that you aren’t creative at all, this class series has something vibrant and valuable to offer you. There will also be space in the class for students to share their own dream art to explore with the group, if desired (but not required). By the end of the class, students will have a solid foundation to make art with their dreams, and be able to live a richer and wiser life through this powerful creative practice.

“Where does a dream class begin and a witches’ circle end? Tristy is a born teacher and guide. She brings intuitive talent and an incredible body of knowledge and experience beyond her own fascinating life’s work to the art of teaching and exploring unknown realms. Tristy holds space with compassion, hilarity and realness–working with her immediately opened up new portals for me. Working with her is such a gift!”

–DBP, Founder of Spinster Design, Inc.

Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung felt that the ultimate nature and function of dreaming is to promote the basic evolutionary process of bringing consciousness and the unconscious into balance, creating wholeness and integration – a process he called “individuation.” When we work with our dreams to discover the hidden gifts our unconscious present to us every night, we can speed up and deepen the individuation process significantly.

When we consciously work with the nightmares and “monsters” of our dreams, we are doing some of the richest work possible with our dreams, which translates to stunning transformations in waking life.

Our nightmare characters show up as manifestations of what Jung called the “Shadow,” which are the parts of our personality that are relegated to the darkness of our unconscious, because we refuse to own their power in our waking, conscious lives. One way the Shadow shows up is through the Trickster archetype, which appears in the stories, mythology, and fairy tales – and yes, dreams – of cultures around the world.

However unpleasant the experience with the Trickster might be, they always force us out of our comfort zone into a new state of awareness and integration.

In this class, we will explore more deeply what Carl Jung meant by The Shadow, including revisiting some well known (and not so well-known) myths and fairy tales featuring Trickster characters. With this groundwork, we will then dive into the land of our personal nightmares, and unpack several powerful dreamwork tools that you can use tonight to befriend your Shadow selves, play with your inner Trickster, and hug your Monster, so you can receive the secret and sacred gifts they all have in their pockets, just waiting to be discovered.

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“Tristy creates a safe, loving space in her classes for students to share their dreams and experiences. With her wisdom and candor, she guides each class with laughter that lifts your spirit. I’m so grateful to have found Tristy’s dream classes! Her teachings have helped me embrace my intuitive side with more acceptance and more love.” — Victoria Ann

Waking Up in Dreamtime: The How and Why of Lucid Dreaming: A Three-Week Online Course

Saturdays, May 6, 13 & 20, 2023
11am to 1pm Pacific / 2 to 4pm Eastern / 8 to 10 pm European

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If you have ever become aware that you were dreaming while still being in the dream, then you have experienced a lucid dream!

In a lucid dream, you can control any and all aspects of the dream, essentially doing whatever you want with no boundaries like gravity or linear time. It’s one of the most powerful tools you can use to be a powerful navigator of your dream time.

Lucid dreaming has been documented since at least the fourth century B.C.E in the writings of Greek philosopher Aristotle. Cultivating the ability to be aware while dreaming is also central to the ancient Hindu practice of Yoga nidra and the Tibetan Buddhist practice of dream Yoga. Scientific research of lucid dreaming began as early as 1913, and many theories and practices have emerged over the last 100 years. In this class, we will explore both ancient and modern theories of lucid dreaming, including tools you can implement in your own life to become more lucid in your dreams.

Lucid Dreaming offers endless possibilities to transform your waking life. For example, lucid dreaming has helped many people transform repetitive nightmares. It’s also great for problem-solving and decision making. Some lucid dreamers have worked on healing injured and diseased parts of their body in the dreamtime, which translated into actual documented physical healing in their waking state. Lucid dreaming is even good for practicing a skill you want to get better at in waking life, because it has been scientifically proven that when we lucidly practice a skill in dream time, we enhance our neuroplasticity in exactly the same way as practicing it in real life, because the brain believes it is actually doing that thing.

Whether you are already a skilled lucid dreamer, or fear that you will never be able to do it, this class series has something vibrant and valuable to offer you. There will also be space in the class for students to share their own lucid dreaming questions and experiences to explore with the group.

By the end of the class, students will have a solid foundation to start (or continue!) lucid dreaming, and be able to live a richer and wiser life through this powerful dreaming tool.

“Tristy is a gifted teacher and facilitator. There is an openness and ease in her style that made me feel safe and reassured while going deeper in my dream practice. Tristy truly empowers you with the tools and confidence to learn and grow, all with a gentle hand. She encourages personal experimentation in a way that I found grew trust in myself and in the process. I found Tristy’s class challenging in the best way: her focus on compassionate personal discovery, her non-dogmatic framework, and the plurality of the points of reference all added up to a transformational experience with an awesome, fun teacher.” — Peaches

Dreams and Death: A Three-Week Online Class

Saturdays, October 7, 14 & 21, 2023
11am to 1pm Pacific / 2 to 4pm Eastern / 8 to 10pm European

Did you know that Abraham Lincoln dreamed of his own death? Or that a murderer in the 1990’s changed his plea to guilty when his victim came to visit him in his dreams? Or that almost everyone has had at least one dream about the future that came true?

When we dream, it is a “small death.” We are “dead to the world,” and “check out” of our earthly realm for the night. Some traditions even believe that when we are sleeping, our soul is free to wander and travel around the spirit world without the hindrance of a human body. When our souls return in the morning, it is called a dream, and when our souls do not return, it is a death. Medical statistics have even shown that the peak time for people to die from disease and chronic illness is in the early morning, right in the middle of their longest REM phase of sleep, which is the time when most people are dreaming the most deeply.

Some scholars even believe that the very concept of religion itself was borne out of prehistoric peoples dreaming of the dead and needing to find an explanation as to why the “soul” of a loved one seems to lives on, even after the physical body has been buried, burned, or torn apart by animals.

In this class, educator, dream worker, and interfaith minister Tristy Taylor—daughter of renowned dream worker Jeremy Taylor, co-founder of the International Association for the Study of Dreams — will explore the notion of linear time as an objective construction of the human mind, and how being in the dreamtime might be understood as freeing us from this construct. We will learn the signs that a dead person might be visiting us in our dreams (rather than them being just a projection of our own psyche), and tools to better communicate with them. We’ll look at about several scientifically documented past life dreams, and explore how you can tell if one of your dreams may be showing you a past life experience.

There will also be space in the class for students to bring their own visitation and past life dreams to explore with the group, if desired (but not required).

By the end of the class, students will have a much more solid foundation to work with death imagery in their own dreams, and be able to invite in more communication with dead loved ones, as well as past life memories. This class will invite in a new relationship to death, potentially helping to release previous fears and anxieties about what may or may not come next, after we shuffle off this mortal coil.

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