Dream Workshops with Tristy Taylor

“I cannot say enough about Trismegista Taylor and the healing power of her practice! If you’ve ever been interested in exploring your dreams and connection to self, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for.” ~ Kellie Mae

“Tristy is an incredible teacher with a remarkable depth of expertise drawn from psychoanalysis, philosophy, cultural studies, art history, and her own fascinating artwork. When working with her students, she has a delightful exuberance and a seemingly limitless well of kindness and empathy. Tristy’s class helped me collaborate with my dreams to better understand my waking life, process unresolved grief, and enrich my creative practice.”

– Virgil Wong, Artist and Digital Technologist

Morbid Anatomy Academy Classes in 2023

I am very happy to be teaching for the wonderful Morbid Academy in 2023. All the details are below!

PLEASE NOTE: If you cannot attend these classes live, that’s okay! All classes are recorded and will be shared with students within 24 hours of class time. You will also have access to the archived classes for as long as you like.

“Where does a dream class begin and a witches’ circle end? Tristy is a born teacher and guide. She brings intuitive talent and an incredible body of knowledge and experience beyond her own fascinating life’s work to the art of teaching and exploring unknown realms. Tristy holds space with compassion, hilarity and realness–working with her immediately opened up new portals for me. Working with her is such a gift!”

–DBP, Founder of Spinster Design, Inc.

Remedios Varo, Les Feuilles Mortes, 1956

Be the Wise Navigator of Your Dream World: Understanding the Language of Your Dreams to Create an On-Going Conversation with Your Unconscious Self

Sundays over Zoom
December 3, 10 and 17, 2023
11am to 1pm Pacific

All classes will be recorded and archived for students who cannot make class time, but it is highly recommended you attend the classes live for the richest experience.

Our dreams are a treasure trove of information, guidance and insight that we are gifted with every single night. Everybody dreams (whether you remember your dreams or not!) and the imagery, feelings, and stories our dreams show us can be harnessed in our waking lives for healing, guidance and transformation.

Regardless of how you feel about Sigmund Freud, he was the first to bring the concept of tracking and working with dreams to the forefront of consciousness. Freud called dream interpretation the “royal road” to the unconscious, saying: “It is the ‘King’s highway’ along which everyone can travel to discover the truth of unconscious processes for themselves.” Through his initial work with Freud, Carl Jung then took dreamwork leaps and bounds further — seeing our dream lives as a personal world that anyone could explore on their own, with or without a professional analyst. Jung in fact, had his own creative practice around working with his dreams, which is documented beautifully in Jung’s own private dream art journal, The Red Book


Expanding even further from the work of Carl Jung, we will take a more “holographic” approach to working with our dreams, both on an individual level, as well as in bigger dream groups or circles. Everyone in the class will learn powerful and accessible tools to be used immediately to become more present and aware both in dreamtime and in working with dream wisdom in waking life. Students will have new tools to discover how their dreams communicate, how to start tracking and understanding personal archetypes and symbols, and discover the gifts that can be found in any nightmare.

In the final class session, we will work a chosen student’s dream as a group, using all the tools we have learned over the whole class series. By the end of the class, students will have a basic foundation for translating their own personal dream language, as well as a waking life practice that can create an authentic “living” conversation with the dream time that can last a lifetime.

The class sessions include:

Session #1: The Origins & Traditions of Dreamwork

  • Ancient Practices of Dreamwork

  • Freud & Jung and Why Their “Split” Was to Our Benefit

  • Modern Dreamwork Practices & The Latest Dream Research

 Session #2: Basic Hints and Creative Dreamwork Tools

  • There Are Many Ways to Track Your Dreams, Including Making Art

  • “Mending Your Dream Net” and Paying Attention to Waking Life Synchronicities

  • Understanding Your Personal Archetypes, Symbols & Dream Patterns

Session #3: Dreamwork in Action: Working a Dream as a Dream Circle

  • The Benefits of Sharing Your Dreams in a Group or Circle

  • Working One Student’s Dream Together

  • How to Start Your Own Dream Circle, Moving Forward

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