I am deeply committed to being a companion on your journey, be it through dream work, spiritual companioning, shadow work, creativity coaching,  ritual co-creation, and so much more. I am at the ready to be a steady, loving, wise friend on your unique life path.

I have been called “the therapist’s counselor,” “the minister’s minister,” and “a werido for weirdoes,” and they all apply! I have lost count of how many times a client has shared how a few months of working with me has helped them transform in ways that years with working with a traditional therapist did not.

Sessions look differently for each person I work with, but I am always a steady, unconditionally loving witness to you on your life’s journey. Together we dive into your most shadowy corners with compassion and joy.

Reach out to see if you are a good fit for one-on-one work together.
PLEASE NOTE: My 2023 one-on-one calendar is filling up, so reach out today!

A page from Tristy Taylor's Art Journal.

“Reverend Tristy Taylor has been my incredible Spiritual Director–or as she prefers ‘Spiritual Companion’–for the last 6 months. I have experienced several major openings through the course of our time together, and each time I feel the whole of my life enriched by what I receive. Tristy knows how to allow room for what is going on in me… [She] allows the natural intelligence of what is emerging in me to guide the experience. Because of this, I feel safe & trusting to open myself in a deeply vulnerable way.”

~ Justin Sarno, Counselor, Spiritual Director-in-training & Chaplain-in-training

How it Works

We meet together over Zoom as often as you like, for 50 minute sessions. I have clients who meet with me weekly, every other week, monthly and even four times a year.

I see my job as being an unconditional, loving witness to you on your journey. Together we can explore what is alive and wanting to be seen/heard in your unconscious. Through working with me, many of my clients have made new choices in their life, which have lead to incredible transformations and life paths that they never could have imagined.

Feel free to email me to see if we are a good fit for working together.

I firmly believe that ALL people deserve a spiritual companion/minister, even if they call themselves atheists/agnostics. A creative spiritual life can show up in more ways than we could ever imagine, including loving nature, growing things, making art, and being an activist.

A creative life also comes in many forms, not just the life of a traditional artist. I believe all people have a fountain of creativity that is ready to flow, if we just allow it to. Sometimes this means making a beautiful meal, or putting together a wild outfit and wearing it somewhere out in the world, or experimenting with a brand new medium that intrigues but also scares you. Together we can walk your creative path together and through our work, your life will open and bloom in ways your brain could never have imagined.

If any of this excites, scares or intrigues you,
I welcome you to Email me for more information.

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