I am deeply committed to being a companion on your journey, be it through dream work, spiritual companioning, shadow work, creativity coaching, and/or ritual co-creation. I am at the ready to be a steady, loving, wise friend on your unique life path.

“Reverend Tristy Taylor has been my incredible Spiritual Director–or as she prefers ‘Spiritual Companion’–for the last 6 months.

The space she is able to hold for my spiritual explorations & unfolding is professional, refined, & effective. Her sincerity, dynamism, and commitment to my process was evident from our first session, and continues to hold me throughout my journey of spiritual formation.

I have experienced several major openings through the course of our time together, and each time I feel the whole of my life enriched by what I receive. Tristy knows how to allow room for what is going on in me, supporting & nurturing my relationship with the divine, without overburdening the process with education, techniques, or even words; she is judicious with her interventions in a way that allows the natural intelligence of what is emerging in me to guide the experience. Because of this, I feel safe & trusting to open myself in a deeply vulnerable way.

Tristy carries an accomplished training background both as an ordained chaplain and as a spiritual director through the well-regarded Chaplaincy Institute, as well as decades of experience across many faith traditions & spiritual methods. As I am currently in training to become a chaplain & spiritual director, I not only value Tristy for my individual work, but also find a wealth of benefits for me in my educational journey. I wholeheartedly recommend her as a Spiritual Director & companion.”

~ Justin Sarno,
Counselor, Spiritual Director-in-training & Chaplain-in-training

How it Works

We meet together over Zoom as often as you like, for 50 minute sessions. I have clients who meet with me weekly, bi-monthly, monthly and even four times a year. 

I see my job as being an unconditional, loving witness to you on your journey. Together we can explore what is alive and wanting to be seen/heard in your unconscious. Through working with me, many of my clients have made new choices in their life, which have lead to incredible transformations and life paths that they never could have imagined.

Feel free to Email me for more information.

“My wife and I hired Tristy to officiate at our wedding, and she helped us to create a beautiful ceremony and a truly meaningful experience. She listened deeply to our ideas and our concerns, gently helping us to refine our vision into a coherent whole with a spirit of playfulness and deep personal meaning. I cannot recommend Tristy highly enough.” ~ Bill Fisher, Software Engineer at Facebook

I am an ordained Interfaith Minister and have been co-creating ritual for myself and others for four decades. I have officiated over 175 wedding ceremonies, baby blessings, and memorial services, as well as more “alternative” (but very necessary) rituals, like coming of age ceremonies, divorce rituals, and my own personal “Un-Baby Shower.” 

I firmly believe that ALL people deserve to have access to ritual, even if they call themselves atheists/agnostics.  Ritual can be a powerful tool to honor a life transition, discern next steps in a difficult decision, and to ground and center your heart.  What is a ritual that your life is calling out for right now?

Feel free to Email me for more information.

I firmly believe that ALL people deserve a spiritual companion/minister, even if they call themselves atheists/agnostics. A spiritual life can show up in more ways than we could ever count, including loving nature, growing things, making art, and being an activist.

A creative life also comes in many forms, not just the life of a traditional artist. I believe all people have a fountain of creativity that is ready to flow, if we just allow it to. Sometimes this means making a beautiful meal, or putting together a wild outfit and wearing it somewhere out in the world, or experimenting with a brand new medium that intrigues but also scares you. Together we can walk your creative path together and through our work, your life will open and bloom in ways your brain could never have imagined.

Our work together may include creative homework assignments, making accountability check-ins, and exploring new ways to express yourself. 

Feel free to Email me for more information.

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