Dream Circles

Dream Circles Facilitated by Tristy Taylor

“Where does a dream class begin and a witches’ circle end? Tristy is a born teacher and guide. She brings intuitive talent and an incredible body of knowledge and experience beyond her own fascinating life’s work to the art of teaching and exploring unknown realms. Tristy holds space with compassion, hilarity and realness–working with her immediately opened up new portals for me. Working with her is such a gift!” ~ DBP, Founder of Spinster Design, Inc.

I only offer these 10-week, online dream circles once a year. It is a wonderful way to begin the new year, as we start in the dead of Winter and emerge in the early days of Spring. It can really set the tone for the New Year, welcoming in the insights and powerful wisdom that your unconscious is sharing with you every night in your dreams.

In this Dream Circle, we use all the dreamwork tools available to us to “work” the dreams of everyone in the circle. We meet once a week over Zoom, and every participant will have at least one opportunity to share a dream with the circle. We then as a group (with my facilitation) use many different tools to open up the wisdom the dream is bringing, not just for the dreamer who had it, but for everyone in the circle.

Currently, these circles are only held once a year, so claim your spot by sending me an email.


An 10-Week Online Dream Circle
Sundays over Zoom, 11am to 1:30 pm Pacific
January 14th to March 17th, 2024

Using the Projective Method, Gestalt Work, and other Dreamwork tools we will open up the secrets of each other’s dreams. Circles include some teaching segments and lots of time to dive into the archetypes, symbols and meanings of each other’s dreams.

The Details: The group will have no more than 12 people. Fee is $555 per person, which can be paid in two installments of $277.50, or $525 if paid in full before first class. A $50 non-refundable deposit no later than January 9, 2024 will hold your space. This deposit will be subtracted from your payment for the class. Please email me for payment options.

Reach out and reserve your spot!

These groups are intentionally kept small (no larger than 12 people) to help facilitate the intimacy that is created in this kind of sharing. I’ve seen friendships born out of my dream circles go on to have decades of connection.

Every group session is rich and transformative, because we can get just as many “aha’s” from the work of someone else’s dream, as we can from our own.

Each session will begin with a short teaching segment, and we will also have time for for participants to ask any questions or share insights that came up for them over the previous week.

Doing dreamwork on your own and one-on-one with me is a great way to dive into your dreams. It’s also an eye-opening experience to have so many other people reflect and share their projections on your dream, which is why I highly recommend participating in at least one dream circle as you explore your own personal dreamwork journey. The more perspectives/projections there are on your dream, the bigger the expansion and openings can be!

I only offer this Dream Circle experience ONCE A YEAR, so reserve your spot today!

Questions? Want to join an upcoming Dream Circle? Feel free to send a message!

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