Dream Art

The 6 Months of Grief and Surviving Year Two Art Projects

When my husband suddenly passed away in his sleep, I was thrown into a living a nightmare I thought I would never wake up from. Art, writing and other forms of creating saved my life and it continues to, so many years later.

6 months after he passed away, I created the 6 Months of Grief Project, in which I made an image and wrote a post every single day for six months. That project ended on the one year anniversary of his death. When I finished that project, I fell into a deep depression and realized that I needed to keep creating around my grief, so I then created a second project called  Surviving Year Two, in which I created an image and writing once a week.

Going back and reading all my posts and looking at all the powerful imagery I created has really stunned me. How was a capable of so much beautiful art and powerful writing in the depths of my grief? We are all capable of so much more than we ever give ourselves credit for. Making art, and especially making art with your dreams, is a powerful way to dive into your unconscious and shine light into the dark corners of your heart, bringing more vitality and energy to your waking life.


My Interview on KPFA Radio for International Women’s Day

I was recently connected to Colleen Thomas of the podcast Shame Pinata because we both have a passion for creative rituals to honor life’s big passages. I shared my story about co-creating my own “UnBaby Shower,” and she resonated so much with it that she asked if I would be on her podcast. 

Our wonderful conversation can be heard here. This then lead to KPFA Radio picking up the interview and airing it for International Women’s Day.

I’m so grateful both to Colleen for her wonderful interview and resonating so deeply with my ritual practice, as well as to KPFA Radio, for seeing and understanding that choosing to be child-free is a part of a woman’s story and should be valued and celebrated just as much as choosing to be a parent.


Living an Authentic Life

What does it mean to live an authentic life? It means moving beyond the Ego/Mind and into our Hearts as much as possible. This is no easy task. Our Ego/Minds steer the ship for a very good reason — they keep us small and safe with no risks. But our Hearts are much wilder and want us to live a life of freedom and expression. Are you living your most authentic life?