Who Is Tristy Taylor?

Interfaith Minister

I was ordained as an Interfaith Minister by the Chaplaincy Institute for Art & Interfaith Ministries in Berkeley, CA in 2005. I firmly believe that any and all people deserve a spiritual companion, even if they are not religious, or even use the world “spiritual.” I define “Interfaith” as having any kind of faith, including atheism/agnosticism. I work with people whose “faith” is nature or gardening.

Some of the work I offer as an Interfaith Minister:

  • Officiant for Wedding Ceremonies, Baby Blessings, Memorials, etc.
  • Spiritual Companioning through one-on-one and group sessions.
  • Grief Counseling

Some testimonials of my work as a Minister:

Tristy brings insight, depth, joy and vision to her work in this world. In her ministry with others, Tristy is compassionate and skillful, providing a safe and receptive space for healing, ritual, and integration. ~ Lauren Van Hamm, Climate Action Coordinator at URI (United Religions Initiative)

My wife and I hired Tristy to officiate at our wedding, and she helped us to create a beautiful ceremony and a truly meaningful experience. She listened deeply to our ideas and our concerns, gently helping us to refine our vision into a coherent whole with a spirit of playfulness and deep personal meaning. I cannot recommend Tristy highly enough. ~ Bill Fisher, Software Engineer at Facebook

Tristy’s great gift is her ability to find balance in the midst of chaos and difficulty. Anyone can navigate a ship in calm seas, but it takes a master to navigate a gale. Tristy is a master—and she’s loyal to the core. I heartily recommend her. ~ John Vlahides, Freelance Writer


Everybody dreams. The dreams we remember from our R.E.M. sleep are what Sigmund Freud called “the royal road to the unconscious.” They are a daily (or nightly!) transmission from a part of ourselves that is not dictated by the Ego/Mind. When we start to work with our dream life, our dreams will actually answer and through practice, you can create a lifelong dialog with your Dreams. I know this for a fact because I have been doing it for almost five decades!

I am the daughter of Kathy Taylor and Jeremy Taylor, so I have had a lifetime apprenticeship in Dreamwork.

Some of the work I offer as a Dreamworker:

  • One-on-one work to help you explore and expand your dream life.
  • Group work facilitating for communities.
  • Dream Art workshops


I have been teaching dreamwork, ritual work and mythology at the Chaplaincy Institute since 2011. I have also been running my own workshops for 30 years.

Animal Communicator

Being able to communicate with animals has been a huge blessing in my life. It is also an aspect of myself that I had the most trouble accepting. In my twenties, I wanted to be “taken seriously,” and therefore shied away from letting people know that I had psychic gifts. I now see and understand this as an internalized sexism of sorts. My psychic gifts come through my very witchy matrilineal line (which includes quite a few men!).

Some testimonials of my Animal Communication work:

Tristy has a beautiful gift for communicating with animals (and their human companions!) in a way that allowed me to connect with my sweet 7-year old Goldendoodle in a whole new way. I’ve raised Pepi since she was a young puppy and have been fortunate to be able to take her to work with me for most of her life. I’ve always felt I understood her pretty well, but since we introduced a new cat into the family I wasn’t so sure how she was doing. Our session with Tristy helped me better understand Pepi’s needs and how best to support her through this household transition. Tristy’s intuitive and graceful guidance through the conversation immediately established trust with everyone involved, and the results of our session have positively rippled out over the last few days in ways I couldn’t have expected. I feel more confident that we made the right choice to bring a new member into our little pack, and that I know more about how to encourage Pepi in the rough spots. Thank you, Tristy, for sharing your wisdom and doing amazing work in the world! You are a treasure. – Pepi & Abby

Thank you for your reading! As being a new cat owner, I wanted to hear what my new friend was experiencing. This reading helped me build a stronger bond with her, as well as really understand what she was experiencing and that keeping her was a good choice for the both of us. We have a bond, and I’m grateful for the support and reaffirming reading for our loving relationship! ~ James and Sasha

I LOVE communicating with animals. I’d love to talk your animal!

Writer & Artist

When my husband suddenly passed away before my eyes, I processed my grief through writing and photography. You can see some of that work on my blog.

Thanks for visiting me. Please feel free to reach out and connect at revtristy on gmail.

I wish you a life of joy, transformation and authenticity!

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