Welcome! I’m happy you are here. I am an Interfaith Minister, Dreamworker, Animal Communicator, Teacher, Writer and Artist who is committed to being of service in my open human heart. You can read about my current offerings here.

I co-create ritual with others, including wedding ceremonies, baby blessings, memorial services, coming of age ceremonies and more. I teach dream workshops and do one-on-one work in the realms of creative spirituality, dreamwork, and opening your heart to your authentic power.

Feel free to read some of the many lovely testimonials about my work below.

I have also had a powerful initiation into the world of grief and death.You can read more about my journey on my blog.

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Testimonials About Tristy Taylor’s Work:

Tristy brings insight, depth, joy and vision to her work in this world. In her ministry with others, Tristy is compassionate and skillful, providing a safe and receptive space for healing, ritual, and integration.

Lauren Van Hamm, Climate Action Coordinator for the United Religions Initiative

I have officiated over 150 wedding ceremonies, 75 baby blessings, and 27 memorial services. I believe that ALL people deserve a spiritual companion, regardless of whether or not they are religious or even use the world “spiritual.”

My wife and I hired Tristy to officiate at our wedding, and she helped us to create a beautiful ceremony and a truly meaningful experience. She listened deeply to our ideas and our concerns, gently helping us to refine our vision into a coherent whole with a spirit of playfulness and deep personal meaning. I cannot recommend Tristy highly enough.

Bill Fisher, Software Engineer at Facebook

I define “Interfaith” as someone who can be supportive and present to any believe system, including atheism. Several of my clients would define their spiritual practice as “nature.” Everyone is welcome in my practice.

I also enjoy creating “outside of traditional” rituals, including coming of age ceremonies, child-free “non-baby” showers, and divorce ceremonies.



I have been doing artwork with my dreams for over four decades. I have hundreds of art journals that document my continuing deepening of learning my own personal archetypes.

“I cannot say enough about Trismegista Taylor and the healing power of her practice! If you’ve ever been interested in exploring your dreams and connection to self, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for.” ~ Kelli Mae

Check out my current Dream Workshop and learn more about working with me one-on-one.